About Jeremy Burton


I am Jeremy a registered osteopath BSc (Hons), PgC ACE. Osteopathy is my passion and I find it a privilege and hugely satisfying to help people find health. I am drawn to osteopathy because it seeks to understand why people have discomfort and why this has occurred at this time. What makes osteopathy different to general practice is that consultations are longer so there is the opportunity to talk with the patient and to let them explain what is important to them and what their concerns and priorities are. This allows me customise treatment for each patient.

I am full body certified in Active Release Technique®, commonly known as ART® ‘The Gold Standard in Soft Tissue Treatment’ for the spine.

I am a qualified Golf Fitness Instructor and Medical Professional with the Titleist Performance Institute which works with some of the best players in the world. In addition to golf I also have an active interest in martial arts, running and swimming.

I am certified in the Niel-Asher Technique for Frozen Shoulder and I also hold a postgraduate certificate in Clinical and Academic Education with the British School of Osteopathy and work as a teaching assistant of evaluation and technique at the London School of Osteopathy from where I graduated.

Please feel welcome to come in and say hello, ask any questions, book a treatment or free spine/joint check.