Ankle and foot pain

Symptoms of foot and ankle pain such as numbness and pins and needles are frequently treated by osteopaths. Numbness and pins and needles usually relates to trapped nerves in the spine, knee or ankle. The most common cause of injury is twisting an ankle resulting in a sprain. Other common causes are due to biomechanical disorders that cause increased stresses to the joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Typically a change in activity or an increase in an activity will provoke symptoms.

How foot and ankle injuries are treated at The Burton Clinic

Assessment of the ankle and foot involves examination of the low back, hip and pelvis, knee, foot and ankle to evaluate alignment and symmetry, joint motion, muscle strength, nerve function and balance. Functional tests such as squatting, bending and walking are used to assess injury and to serve as a benchmark for recovery. Treatment techniques include soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, stretches, Kinesio Taping (KT Tape) and specific exercises to rehabilitate the foot and ankle.