Back pain and Sciatica

Back pain and Sciatica are the most common causes for absence from work making every day activities such as sitting, walking, bending, lifting and turning over in bed literally a pain in the back. Problems originating in the the back may cause pain to be experienced in the back, buttocks, groin, hip and legs. You may also experience numbness in the legs and feet. When the Sciatic nerve is irritated excruciating leg pain may be felt, this is commonly known as Sciatica.

Common causes of back pain are related to bad posture, incorrect lifting techniques and age related changes. Osteopathic treatment and re-educating correct posture can be very effective for healing back pain.

How back pain and Sciatica are treated at The Burton Clinic

Assessment of back pain and Sciatica involves examination of the low back, hip and pelvis, knee, foot and ankle to evaluate alignment and symmetry, joint motion, muscle strength, nerve function and balance. Problems in any of these areas can cause or contribute to back pain. Functional tests such as squatting, bending, twisting and walking are used to assess injury and to serve as a benchmark for recovery. Treatment techniques include Active Release Technique®, joint mobilisation, stretches, Kinesio Taping (KT Tape) and specific exercises to rehabilitate the back.