Hip pain

Hip pain is a very common and disabling condition and can impair the ability to bear weight resulting in a limp. Pain caused by wear and tear is commonly experienced at the front of the hip or groin and can progress into the front of the thigh, knee and outer hip. Sometimes pain is also experienced in the buttocks and the back of the hip. In some cases the pain originates from the spine or sacroiliac joints (SIJ). Hip joint sprains can also occur from activities that involve twisting the hip joint whilst it is bearing weight. Overloading of the muscles (hamstrings, quadriceps, adductors, groin and ITB) causing strain is also regular cause of pain.

How hip pain and injuries are treated at The Burton Clinic

Assessment of the hip involves examination of the low back, hip and pelvis, knee, foot and ankle to evaluate postural alignment and symmetry, joint motion, muscle strength, nerve function and balance. Functional tests such as squatting, bending, walking are also used to assess injury and to serve as a benchmark for recovery. Treatment techniques include soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation, stretches and specific exercises to rehabilitate the hip and surrounding areas.