How the Burton Clinic can help you

I believe that each person is an individual and has their own unique set of life experiences, beliefs, history and needs. With this in mind the initial aim of treatment is to relieve the symptoms that cause discomfort and make every day activities difficult. Next I turn my attention to the factors giving rise to and maintaining the symptoms. For example, an injury to your knee might also affect the foot, hip and spine. As osteopaths we seek to understand why the knee has become injured; why has the injury occurred at this time; why the injured knee effects other areas distant to the knee e.g. foot, hip or spine.

Once I have developed an understanding of your condition, I will discuss it with you and agree a treatment plan that will include advice on exercise, posture, nutrition and lifestyle. During treatments I usually use a combination of techniques including Active Release Technique®, soft tissue massage, trigger point therapy, Niel-Asher Technique, advanced muscle stretches, gentle joint mobilisations and Kinesio Taping (KT Tape). Along the way I explain what I am doing, how it will help your recovery, advise you on exercises that you can do yourself and how to avoid further injury or pain.